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Premier Air Conditioning System Maintenance

Keeping your office or storefront comfortable is paramount to continuing to operate your business. If your air conditioning and/or rooftop unit breaks down in the middle of summer, morale drops, and customers may not enter. If it’s bad enough, you may have to interrupt business for days at a time, causing you loss in productivity and revenue. Ensure your commercial location stays operational by hiring HK Quality Sheet Metal to maintain your HVAC system regularly. We have been proudly serving St. Joseph since 1955 with quality work and efficient technicians. Call today for a free estimate whether you need maintenance, air conditioning repairs, or installation of a new commercial air conditioning system.

technician servicing air conditioners - Air Conditioning Service

Benefits of Upgrading Your Air Conditioner

After about 15 years, air conditioners tend to be more expensive to fix than replace. Our technicians will do everything in their power to save you money on your investments. If it is more beneficial to upgrade your system, we’re happy to walk you through that process and find the best available unit for your company. There are many benefits of installing a new air conditioning system in your company’s building or office:

  • Lower energy expenses- new air conditioning units operate more efficiently, saving you on utility bills
  • Improved air quality- enhanced filters and including options like air scrubbers that remove allergens from the air improve quality of life in your building
  • Quieter operation- new technology has allowed air conditioners to run smoother with less interruption to your office
  • Tax break incentives- some units will enable you to be eligible for tax credits- ask your St. Joseph experts for details

The Trusted Professionals at HK Quality Sheet Metal

Our team has been proudly serving the community of St. Joseph, MO since 1955. We’re delighted to helping our neighborhood get the most for their money. When you’re comfortable in your office or store, we’re happy. Keep your building cool for the summer with high-quality air flow installed by HK Quality Sheet Metal. Contact us today and get started with upgrades to your company’s air conditioning system, emergency repairs, or new installation.

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