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St. Joseph, MO Commercial Heating Services

During the cold winters of Missouri, you want to keep both your employees and customers comfortable in your establishment. Installing a new furnace and rooftop units can benefit you and your company in immense ways. Whether you are needing to schedule regular maintenance on your company’s heating system, an emergency repair, or are considering replacing your system with a new upgraded unit, call HK Quality Sheet Metal today and speak with our knowledgeable staff. We love meeting our clients and helping them get the most for their money. We’ll be in and out in no time, minimizing downtime where your business can’t operate. Contact us today for a free estimate.

metallic, ribbed ventilation tubes - Heating Repair

Where We Specialize

At HK Quality Sheet Metal, we specialize in all matters of commercial heating, including:

  • Ventilation
  • Energy management
  • Preventative maintenance
  • Thermal storage equipment
  • Exhaust fans
  • Commercial furnaces and/or rooftop units
  • Emergency Heating repairs

Issues to Notice

If you have noticed your company’s heating has had recurring issues throughout the day, it may be time to replace your heating unit. Here are some things to consider when repairing and replacing your commercial furnace and/or rooftop units:

High energy bills

If your furnace isn’t running efficiently, it may be turning on and off frequently to try and maintain heat. This causes an avoidable higher utility bill for your company.

Furnace age

The average furnace lasts between 12-17 years. After that period, they run an increased risk of failure, demanding significant repairs or replacements. Avoid costly surprise repairs by regularly maintaining your furnace and replacing your dated unit before it’s too late.

Indoor air quality

Similar to uneven heating, your ducts can accumulate dust, mold, or mildew after years of use if left untreated. Avoid allergies and other pathogens in your commercial building by hiring our team to install new high-quality air filters and air scrubbers.

Improving Ventilation with High-Efficiency Exhaust Fans

Exhaust fans are a crucial component of your business’ HVAC system. Exhaust fans suction moisture and odors out of the rooms in your office and ventilate them out of the building. If your heating system doesn’t have functioning exhaust fans or the fans in your HVAC system no longer function as they should, it can lead to problems with moisture levels, particularly in bathrooms and kitchens. HK Quality Sheet Metal installs exhaust fans in HVAC systems, increasing efficiency and making your office a safer place to work.

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