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Convenient Sheet Metal Fabrication

If your HVAC system needs sheet metal for your installation or repair, you can always call on the in-house sheet metal fabrication services of HK Quality Sheet Metal to help you out.

builder with metal pipes

We Build Our Own Ductwork For:

  • Heating installations
  • Cooling installations
  • Flashing
  • Chimney covers
  • Chimney tops

Custom Sheet Metal Fabrication

If you need custom sheet metal for an upcoming project, get in touch with our friendly staff. Having been in business since 1955, you can always rely on our professionals for quality custom sheet metal fabrication.

FREE estimates are available for all sheet metal projects and custom fabrication services. Contact us today for yours.

Work with the Proven Experts

One of our specialties at HK Quality Sheet Metal is sheet metal fabrication. We provide the best possible sheet metal fabrication services to the St. Joseph, MO area property owners we work with. New installations of heating and cooling systems often require new ductwork, and our sheet metal fabrication services allow us to create fully-customized air ducts for new construction so your heating and cooling systems can function as well as possible.

We’ll work with you to fabricate ductwork that will be a perfect addition to your home, and we can guarantee your complete satisfaction with all of the work we provide. Ductwork can make a huge difference in your utility bills, so it’s very important that you hire a qualified HVAC contractor for any of this kind of work. As your HVAC contractor, we will be able to ensure that your sheet metal fabrication and ductwork installation are performed to the highest standards of quality.

Receive Your Estimate Today!